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Water Stations: a river pilgrimage 2016

The silence behind a story The river swells The measurement of borderlands The faint cry for food The sadness of someone gone The drawing of seeds from the flower The … Continue reading

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Gestural Rivers Flowing Mind

Ink flows as thoughts become a river of marks Choreography of mind: the still point before a storm of thinking visions Imaginary forms Pre-linguistic apparitions Something imprinted A cellular level … Continue reading

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Sculpting Rivers – Remembering February 2014

River Spines 2014 – woven metal sculptures Journal Entry February 2014 Just after heavy snow fall: Walked as far as I could in the frozen creek. Looking through sections of … Continue reading

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Rivers for Udo (paintings and text inspired by Udo Kasemets compositions) 2013-14

    Rivers for Udo Water remembers such sound Filtered Minded Edited with the purity of chance Invested with a rigour of discerning practice Rivers Infinite Yet marked with features … Continue reading

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Apparition: A video performance created by Maralynn Cherry (all performance, visual footage and text by the artist, editing  and voice over performed by Jenn Cole)  The second half of the … Continue reading

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Soundings (River Songs a Quartet)

Sounding 1 carved acrylic on birch ply 2013 Soundings : River voices in four part choral Looking down into water currents, an infinity of movement shapes a morphology of mind … Continue reading

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Internalization of River Forms (infinite becomings)

Topography of Conscience while traveling rivers in the Oak Ridges Moraine RIVER PAINTINGS (FLOW SERIES) 2012 OIL ON BIRCH PLY 5FT X 2.5FT 1) WHERE RIVER MEETS OCEAN 2) RIVER … Continue reading

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